The most common notes to draw step by step acrylic painting

Acrylic color is a familiar drawing color for painting – one of the most popular art subjects. In the following article, let’s learn how to draw step by step acrylic painting easily. With these basic strokes, you will have many beautiful and professional works.

The most common tools to draw acrylic painting

The necessary tools to draw acrylic painting

To be able to produce the painting, the use of the right tools to draw Acrylic is extremely important. Here are the tools that are considered necessary and used by many people for Acrylic painting work:

Brush painting

Paintbrushes are one of the important tools that are indispensable not only for acrylic painting but also for all kinds of paintings. You should choose to buy brushes with different shapes to draw a variety of details.

Acrylic color mixing knife

The color mixing knife is an indispensable acrylic painting tool because it is used to create substrates to create texture arrays and smooth surfaces. Standard acrylic painting knives often have a flat head, gradually clawing forward like a spoon and the handle is made of wood.

Acrylic paint palette

Equipping yourself with a color palette will create a lot of conveniences and extremely fast operation throughout the drawing process.

Rack or chair support

In the case of painting at a height, you should choose a sturdy chair or stand to minimize the shaking that will affect the painting process.

Color blocking glue

Color blocking glue is also one of the acrylic painting tools needed. The product is useful in areas that are too small or surrounded by small details, you can use color glue to paint them together.

Steps for drawing acrylic paintings

Drawing detailed features in acrylic painting

Drawing a sketch, careful about scale, shapes and colors.

At this stage, there is no need to pay attention to the small details that should focus on drawing the main details. The array of colors is drawn based on the main details and minor details in the painting.

Mix colors and drawing detailed features

When you draw sub-details, you need to pay attention that the color and density should not overwhelm the main one. Sometimes the colors that come in can be exaggerated, fresh, vibrant,…follow the feelings of the artist.

Complete the acrylic painting

To perfect work, in addition to pressing the dark colors in the right place we should also use light colors, trim the image areas.

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Drawing step by step acrylic painting will not be difficult if you master the steps when drawing. In particular, the picture will become more special if you put in it the interest and passion

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