The idea and basic steps of simple oil painting for beginners

Oil paintings have long been a familiar picture for those who love the art, especially the art of painting. So what is simple oil painting? What are the idea and basic steps of oil paintings? In this article, invite readers to explore.

What is an oil painting?

Simple oil painting is a type of painting made from pigment, usually in the form of dry powder thoroughly ground with linseed oil, walnut oil, safflower oil or aromatic oil.

There are many famous and talented painters and artists in the field of oil painting, famous in the world that we probably all know, including Leonardo da Vinci, Johannes Vermeer or Vincent Vangogh,… Their oil paintings have become famous art masterpieces and entered the minds of so many people in the future.

The beauty of simple oil painting
The beauty of simple oil painting

Basic steps of oil paintings

But perhaps, no matter how talented the artists are, they will have to start from small steps first. A beginner to create a beautiful oil painting, it needs to go through many different steps that not everyone can know if not learn. Join us to learn the steps for simple oil paintings for beginners.

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Find the light source direction for the picture

Before painting, you have to determine the direction of the light source of the picture, just like when drawing the sun, when the sunrise must be east is at sunrise and sunset must be west when the sun goes down.

In addition, you must determine the dark and light lines, determine the subject of the drawing. Only then can you determine which direction of light, the light, or the darkness for a picture to draw.

Draw a sketch with pictures

Use pencils or point-to-point pens to outline the first strokes of the subject’s position, directions of light, highlights and shadows. In this picture, you need to calculate and divide the distance between objects, using logic to create the overall layout of the picture in a reasonable way.

Then create a base layer on the surface of the paper, and that color layer should be large enough to cover the area to be drawn. The base layer should not be too thick to draw details later.

Masterpiece idea for oil picture
Masterpiece idea for oil picture

Tinting for simple oil painting

This is probably the most difficult step for a beginner artist because it can be realized that, when mixing the paint color, it is also when you blend the soul of the picture. The oil paint color should match the drawing theme.

If we need to paint a clear blue sky, we are prone to tinting unlike the actual blue sky, which is usually lighter or darker. Or the sunlight, too, to create a sun effect with different shades of light, one cannot only use yellow. Coloring is not a simple step, this depends on your skill and ability to perceive colors.

With the above article, we have introduced you to some ideas and basic steps of simple oil paintings for beginners. We wish you a successful start with the art path!

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