Prabal Mallick

"Break" - Prabal Mallick
“Break” – Prabal Mallick

To begin with, Prabal Mallick is the most famous Indian artist with “Break” painting. On looking at “Break”, people will see the images of two cars crashing in an isolated road and a human figure. On the contrary, the trees on sides of the road evoke a serene beauty of nature by a unique color. It seemingly implies that people just stop running and take a break. Prabal Mallick has achieved many prizes and becomes a prominent Indian artist of art lovers all over the world.

Iruvan Karunakaran

"Charminar" by Iruvan Karunakaran
“Charminar” by Iruvan Karunakaran

Next, in the southern part of India, we cannot miss mentioning the Iruvan Karunakaran painter. He is really famous for the artwork “Charminar”. In the picture, people can admire the bustling beauty of Hyderabad city in monsoon together with the renowned Charminar monument. This painting has been considered as the greatest landscape modern Indian painting of all time across.

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Bahadur Singh – Best known modern Indian painting artist

"Seasons" by Bahadur Singh
“Seasons” by Bahadur Singh

Finally, another famous Indian landscape painter should be on the list is Bahadur Singh. He is really a great fan of India’s nature. He believes the best method to express emotion is endless colors. In his famous modern painting “Seasons”, people are mesmerizing with the bright sun after the jungles. He is really successful in using burning lava colors to express the breathless heat of summers.

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In a word, among different genres of painting, the landscape seems to be the most privileged one. The above three famous artists and their works may somehow help you understand the temptation of modern Indian painting. There are still many more similar masterpieces provided by Byhien painting shop. Should interesting in this genre, please feel free to share it with us in the comments below.