Top 8 the most famous landscape oil paintings living room to decorate

Have you selected any picture to decorate in your house yet? Indeed, this is a question that many homeowners are definitely wondering. Here are the top 8 the most beautiful and famous landscape oil paintings living room scenery to decorate your house that you can refer to.

Why should you choose landscape oil paintings living room?

In fact, Landscape painting was the main theme in Eastern traditional art in the fourth century AD. However, in the West until the 17th century, landscape paintings were primarily confined to the context of portraits or paintings mainly related to religious, mythical and historical themes. However, there are still famous landscape paintings being born, which make a big impression on the public. A landscape painting evokes not only the beauty but also the soul and passion of the artist. Therefore, choosing décor style oil paintings for the home is always the solution that is thought of first. Hanging pictures of indoor oil paintings not only makes sense of beauty but also have more wishes for luck and fortune. Therefore, the houses that the owner pays attention to creating spaces to hang paintings bring spiritual life.

Top 8 the most famous oil paintings living room scenery to decorate your house

The Starry Night

 The Starry Night  Top 8 the most famous oil paintings scenery
The Starry Night

For three days from June 16-18, 1889, Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh created one of the most famous works in the world, the “Starry Night” depicting views from the window of a hospital room in the hospital that Van Gogh is being treated. Although painted in the daytime, masterpieces this description depicts a night scene outside a window in Van Gogh’s room at a hospital. These landscape paintings are also considered the masterpiece by Vincent Van Gogh and it is the most famous landscape painting ever created.

Water lilies

 Water lilies Top 8 the most famous oil paintings scenery Landscape painting
Water lilies – Landscape paintings

This is the famous landscape paintings living room of Claude Monet. The mix of colors and lights in the paintings will open the view of the incredible diversity of nature to the depth and mystery of life. Claude Monet’s water lily paintings are one of the most recognized and honored works of 20th Century art. It also has a great influence on generations of artists.

The Hay Wain

 The Hay Wain Top 8 the most famous oil paintings scenery
The Hay Wain

This is a painting by British artist John Constable. “The Hay Wain” depicts a rural setting on the Stour River between British counties Suffolk and Essex. It is the area around where Constable was born, depicted in his most famous masterpieces. The revered “straw truck” is one of the greatest romantic landscape paintings as well as one of the most beautiful ever created by an English artist.

The Fighting Temeraire

 The Fighting Temeraire  Top 8 the most famous oil paintings scenery
The Fighting Temeraire

HMS Temeraire is a masterpiece of the Royal Navy. J.M.W. Turner described the warship, many years after its glorious days, pulled by a tugboat, shattered into fragments. The painting shows admiration for sailing boats because they will be replaced by steam-powered ships. In this painting, Turner also uses symbolism, like the setting sun, to suggest the demise of the subject. “The Battle of Temeraire” is his most famous landscape painting and the picture he calls his “lover”.


 Irises  Top 8 the most famous landscape paintings

Van Gogh, one of the most famous artists in history, had a hard life ruined by mental instability. He eventually shot himself in the chest with a revolver and died two days later. Among the most famous works of Van Gogh, there are many paintings and prints on the topic “Iris” and this painting is the most famous of them, he painted it a year before his death. In September 1987, “Iris” sold for $ 53.9 million and became the most expensive painting ever sold. Its record exists about two and a half years up to 2018 and ranks 25th on the list of the most expensive paintings ever sold.

View of Toledo

 View of Toledo  landscape paintings living room
View of Toledo

El Greco is a Greek painter who works in Spain and was one of the leading figures of the Spanish Renaissance in the 15th and 16th centuries. The “Toledo scene” was a bit confusing, but it was Spain’s first landscape painting of the time. Among El Greco’s most beloved masterpieces, “Toledo Scene” is famous for its mysterious symbolism and the wonderful contrast between the dark sky above and the vibrant green below. Together with Van Gogh, the “Starry Night”, it still remains one of the most landscape paintings of the sky in Western art.

Impression, sunrise

 Impression, sunrise byhien landscape paintings for living room
Impression, sunrise

Impressive is an artistic movement that appeared in France in the middle of the 19th century. In addition, these oil paintings scenery is famous for naming the Impressionist movement and has now become a symbol. However, it was not appreciated by critics and the impressive term coined in a satirical review by Louis Leroy. The Impression Movement soon became so popular that it spread to music and literature. Monet used color as a key element to instantly capture the essence of the scene. “Impressive Sunrise” is also one of the most influential paintings in the history of landscape painting.

Wanderer under the sea of fox

 Wanderer under the sea of fox  Top 8 the most famous landscape paintings
Wanderer under the sea of fox

Caspar David Friedrich is one of the most of Germany’s most important romantic artist. He is famous for his works that put people in the middle of the night sky, morning mist, barren trees …In this painting, a man officially dressed and holding a walking stick, stands on a rock protruding from his back for the viewer. Therefore, viewers are drawn to the landscape shrouded in a sea of ​​dense fog; at which the man seems to be pensive. Friedrich uses space to emphasize where people feel small in nature. The landscape painting depicts various landmarks from the beautiful Elbe sandstone mountain range in Saxony in southeastern Germany. “Wanderer in the Misty Sea” has also become a symbol of the Romantic period and is the most famous landscape paintings of the movement.

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In conclusion, famous oil paintings living room scenery is absolutely an ideal choice if you intend to decorate your home. Above are suggestions for readers to choose for themselves the most beautiful paintings.

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