Top 3 the most beautiful and old oil painting portrait in the world

Old oil painting portrait – one of the most famous and popular painting lines. Associated with the names of many genius artists are famous oil paintings, art and beauty that stand out from time to time. Join us on the list of top 3 world-famous oil painting portrait.

Learn the art of old oil painting portrait

Portrait painting is really easy and simple. These works always require the authenticity and charisma of the people in the paintings. Such a process usually goes through five basic steps

Using the grid system for the purpose of sketching the image of the character: after sketching with a pencil on paper, the artist will switch to marking the main lines by crayons.

Overlay the canvas with varnish and one or two colors: the corresponding light shades will match the lighting on the character and create depth for the work.

Focus on the color of the skin: these are areas with average light. Besides, the artist will stay away from well-lit areas. After that, the work will darken the parts in the shadows and keep the transitions in the same color.

Determine the shape of the blocks: This is a step that determines the boundaries of the bricks by changing the color mixing ratio on the areas. This process requires artists to have a meticulous and thorough observation of color mixing techniques.

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Top 3 old oil painting portrait all over the world

The picture of the Mona Lisa

It created from 1503 to 1519 by artisan Leonardo da Vinci. This is one of the most beautiful and old oil painting portraits in the world and is also the most intriguing painting for university students over the past 500 years. There are many “big” numbers and question marks that to this day, we still can’t fully explain the mystery and originality of this picture. Therefore, this is considered a masterpiece of art as well as a factor that makes many people desire to explore most of humanity.

Mona Lisa - A old painting portrait
Mona Lisa – A old painting portrait (1)

Girl With a Pearl Earring

The painting, completed in 1665, is considered by the art community to be the Dutch Mona Lisa. The painting depicts a beautiful young girl centered on a pearl earring.

Girl With a Pearl Earring
Girl With a Pearl Earring

Works of Portrait Gachet (Portrait of Dr. Gachet) – by artist Vincent Van Gogh

The painting was completed in 1890. The character in the painting, Gachet, was also the caretaker of the genius painter before his death. The work sold for $ 82.5 million.

Portrait of Dr.Gachet - by artist Vincent Van Gogh
Portrait of Dr.Gachet – by artist Vincent Van Gogh (3)

Above is the list of the top 3 old oil painting portrait around the world. We hope that the above information will help you gain more knowledge about oil paintings portraits. Besides, there will be better painting options for your home.

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