The principle of “GOLD” when painting oil pastel portrait

For those who are new to basic oil pastel portrait painting, it is not easy to create a complete and beautiful oil painting. Therefore, you need to follow the basic steps of oil paintings along with your talents to complete the painting.

What is the oil pastel portrait?

Oil painting is a type of painting made from pigment, usually in the form of a dry powder thoroughly ground with linseed oil, walnut oil, safflower oil or tickle oil. This is a favorite picture, used for home decoration or used as a meaningful gift for friends.

Each painting has a unique beauty and is suitable for many different spaces. Oil pastel portrait painting is valuable so many people want to learn how to paint oil painting. To draw basic oil paintings, in addition to the steps, you must also grasp the principles when drawing oil paintings.

A beautiful oil portrait painting of man
A beautiful oil portrait painting of a man

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Basic and easy oil portrait painting steps

Prepare tools for painting oil pastel portrait

To draw basic oil paintings, you need to prepare all the necessary tools such as:

Toan: This is a specialized fabric for oil pastel portrait painting. Toan has many types and oil paintings you should use Toan Korea.

Oil paints: There are many types of oil paints, depending on the type of paint you draw to choose the most appropriate type. You can go directly to reputable addresses for advice on how to choose the most suitable oil paint.

Close to drawing: This is a wooden frame used to stretch drawings. Without drawing, drawing becomes much more difficult.

Tools for drawing oil pastel portrait painting
Tools for drawing oil pastel portrait painting

Conduct oil paintings as you like

Once you have mixed the colors, start using the brush to bring the color up to your liking to create the canvas you want. The special feature of oil painting is that there is no need to follow any rules, so you can do everything, develop different ideas to create an oil painting according to your final wishes.

Above are the steps to basic oil pastel portrait painting so that you can draw a perfect picture to display in your home, or can paint oil as a gift will be meaningful.

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