The principles to complete oil pastel drawing effectively

The oil pastel drawing is an important step that you have to concentrate on when you start drawing oil pastel paintings. You cannot complete the drawing steps if you do not master the knowledge and principles below.

The basic knowledge of oil paintings

The picture of a color set and an oil pastel painting
The picture of a color set and an oil pastel painting

The paintings are auctioned regularly and create the most attractive painting exhibits are oil paintings. Oil pastel painting is a familiar topic for those who love art. In the history of world art, from the 11th century, oil painting held a very important position, the glory of many fine arts. Oil painting is also a kind of painting made of pigments (pigments) combined with oil to create adhesion. The artist commonly used oils are flaxseed oil, poppy seed oil, and walnut oil or rose oil. Each type of oil has a different effect on the paint color as it turns yellow. Oil is also related to drying time and gloss of colors. The artist can use a variety of oils to mix colors when painting a picture. That depends on the type of pigment and the desired effect. Oil paint color also varies depending on the solvent when diluted.

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These important techniques for you to complete oil pastel drawing not to ignore

An oil pastel painting
An oil pastel painting

Prepare oil paintings tools

Before you paint, you choose your own oil paint. Although there are dozens of brands of oil paints on the flea market with different prices that are good, there are some that are not necessarily beautiful, there are cheap ones that are not. Therefore you need to choose carefully to buying two criteria that are both cheap and beautiful? Buying poor quality paints will make your picture extremely bad, making your first picture ugly and depressing.

Prepare a color palette for mixing

In addition, you have to prepare a color palette for easy mixing: prepare basic colors such as blue, dark blue, blue, yellow, red, black, you can combine all these colors in the color wheel. Preparing iron and easel is what you need to draw. If without it your painting will become very difficult. Prepare some basic paintbrushes to start oil pastel drawing, you can refer to in the image

  • Specific steps
  • To create a beautiful and realistic oil painting, you must follow many steps sequentially. Before painting, you have to find the light source of the picture like the sunrise and sunset in the West to identify dark and light contours. Then, looking at the subject you need to draw, you can determine the direction of the light, the light and the shadow of a picture to paint.
  • Firstly, use a pencil or any pointed pen to outline the position of the subject, the direction of light, the points of light and the shadows. Calculate and divide the distance between objects, the overall father of the picture reasonably.
  • Mixing oil color is difficult for newbies, mixing oil paint color with the topic to paint. You want to paint a clear blue sky, you mix blue paint but it is very difficult to match the blue of the actual sky that will be lighter or darker. You want to paint an overcast sky about to get stormy and you want to mix colors to create the gray of the sky.
  • A picture without emphasis will not go into people’s hearts, it is considered as faint. So you have to determine what topics you draw and what are the highlights? When drawing you should also determine which color is drawn first and which is the final drawing.

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9 useful tips for you

The principles to complete oil pastel drawing effectively 1
The picture of an artist drawing an oil pastel painting

Tip 1: Start with small pictures

For beginners to learn how to paint oil paintings, it is essential to start with small pictures with simple details. Therefore, this allows you to try your painting techniques and feel the color of your oil paint without investing too much. Testing how to mix paint colors will help you draw intricate details to create complex oil paintings.

Tip 2: Buy good oil paints and brushes

You should buy oil paint and brushes well. It will help your painting more vividly, which inspires you in this oil pastel drawing work. Good oil paints have a higher pigment ratio and have better adhesion than conventional paints. You don’t need to have too many brushes, but you need to own a wide variety of flat and round shapes. To sum up, these elements help you complete the picture more quickly and beautifully.

Tip 3: Understand colors and blends.

The main paint color is not “pure” but always towards yellow and blue, if you want warm colors, then towards yellow, or cool, then towards blue. This gives you a basic baseline for combining the primary colors to create a secondary color. As a result, knowledge about knowledge will help to understand color mixing.

Tip 4: Use a limited paint palette.

Using a limited paint palette will help you to be able to create more special colors. Moreover, you can use any color you like depending on whether you want a picture of yourself cold or warm. This will help you feel the color of the paint. When you’re ready, add a bit of warm and cold color to your palette, with earth tones, burnt browns, and ocher tones.

Tip 5: Looking for a cool and spacious place makes the table inspirational to draw.

In fact, inspiration is an important factor in determining a successful picture. In addition, space and surroundings is a very crucial factor. This will help you see the surrounding scenery to draw you to enjoy your work. Keeping your spirits comfortable you will tend to want to paint oil paintings more often, even daily because space is not mounded by cows. Your painting skills will be greatly improved by these.

In conclusion, through a long process of formation and development, today oil paint is widely used. Oil painting is a popular art form all over the world. Mastering the basic knowledge and useful knowledge will help you complete oil pastel drawing effectively.

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