Top 3 oil pastel colour painting artists all over the world

Oil pastel colour painting is one of the most popular colors in the art world. According to experts, pastel colors are interpreted as pastel colors of all existing colors on the palette, symbolizing sophistication and lightness.

So, several prominent painting artists in history have used pastel colors in their works. Let’s explore them.

General introduction about oil pastel colour painting

When mentioning famous artists like Pierre-Auguste or Pablo Picasso, people often think of oil paintings. However, most of the world-famous artists are fluent in many methods and materials of painting. In fact, one of the most popular color materials among artists is pastel.

Whether used to sketch works or to create delicate works, pastel colors still play an essential role in painting. In this article, let’s learn about the method of using pastel colors of famous artists and its importance to the development of oil pastel colour painting throughout the historical process.

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Top 3 the most famous oil pastel colour painting artists

EUGÈNE DELACROIX – A dramatic painter

Romantic painter Eugène Delacroix is famous for his huge fortune in dramatic painting. Before starting the official painting, he often sketched the sketch with chalk to create the texture, choose the color gamut and perfect every detail and image of the painting.

A prime example is a sketch of ‘The Death of Sardanapalus’, one of Delacroix’s most outstanding works. He once commented, turning a rough drawing into work with complete details is not an easy task.

Eugène Delacroix, "Sketch for The Death" (1827)
Eugène Delacroix, “Sketch for The Death” (1827)

PABLO PICASSO – A multi talented artist

Pablo Picasso is a multi-talented artist. He is not only famous for his works of painting, sculpture or collage. But is also known as the master and pioneer of the oil pastel colour painting.

Although pastel oil waxes have been around since 1925. They are often considered poor quality and are only used by students or novice painters. In 1924, Picasso created a premium version of it, which can be used on many materials. The artist approached his friend, colleague, artist and producer and artist Henri Goetz to produce a new and innovative pastel wax.

Pablo Picasso, "Head of a woman" (1921)
Pablo Picasso, “Head of a woman” (1921)

ARY CASSATT – A famous female artist

As a result, Like Degas, the impressive female artist Mary Cassatt has brought the line of oil pastel colour painting to a new level. In fact, Degas’ experimental work inspired Cassatt. “I have been to Degas exhibitions. They have completely changed my life. The works displayed there has a big impact on me.”

Although inspired by Degas, Cassatt soon formed his own style. With the main theme of the woman and motherhood, Cassatt depicted opposing portraits exploring peaceful scenes through the vivid color palette and dotted details associated with the neutral pastel color gamut.

Mary Cassatt, "At the Window" (1889)
Mary Cassatt, “At the Window” (1889)

In conclusion, above is the top 3 the most famous oil pastel colour painting artists in the world. Hopefully, the above information will help you get an overview of the oil painting industry in the world.

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