Mona Lisa – The most beautiful oil painting woman face

Nowadays, many people use oil paintings of the famous woman to decorate their space. It could be a person you love or maybe your idol. When you’re tired of struggling, those portraits will make you less stressed and more likely to love life. And Mona Lisa is the famous oil painting woman face.

The meaning of oil painting woman face – Mona Lisa

According to artists, Mona Lisa’s oil paintings woman face is a famous painting all over the world which is on display at the French museum. The painting shows a portrait of a woman with a mysterious face that researchers have yet to discover. Because of that mystery, Mona Lisa’s portrait oil painting became attractive to everyone.

The beauty oil painting woman face of Mona Lisa
The beauty oil painting woman face of Mona Lisa

In the portrait of Mona Lisa, with a majestic natural space behind and a girl with a mysterious half-face painting, it shows the harmony between people and nature.

In addition, face oil painting Mona Lisa is also a leading picture in portraiture in the world.

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Why did the Mona Lisa become the most famous painting in the world?

Therefore, “Why is the painting of the Mona Lisa so popular?” is a conundrum. The previous theory suggested that it was famous for being the product of a famous painter, her mysterious smile, or the occult that happened around the painting.

However, this answer did not satisfy the crowd. And the answer: “no reason” has been the most accepted, according to Britannica. Accordingly, the popularity of the picture does not depend on a specific reason, but it is a combination of many reasons, different contexts.

According to CNN, Mona Lisa – oil painting woman face became famous worldwide thanks to a daring burglary, which took place more than 100 years ago.

In 1911, a diligent employee of the Louvre Museum, France, Vincenzo Peruggia stole this painting. The theft is very simple. At that time, Vincenzo was hired to install protective glass for precious museum paintings, among which was the Mona Lisa. The man hid in a museum closet all night, and took the painting in his coat and left the building.

However, the building was locked. At that moment, a plumber passed and had a key to open the door for the thief. 24 hours later, people discovered the painting’s disappearance.

At the time, the Louvre had more than 400 galleries, with 200 guards. Even at night, the number of guards is even less and there is no alarm system.

When he stole the painting, Vincenzo himself never thought that this action helped the Mona Lisa to shine. The French press at that time had an unforgettable day. News of the burglary appears in every newspaper around the world. The image of the painting was also so explosive, everyone knew it. People began to ridicule the Paris authorities that we’re unable to manage the Louvre.

Today, this masterpiece “oil painting woman face – Mona Lisa” is like the “diamond” in the crown of the Louvre, which attracts nearly 10 million visitors each year. It also became immortal “muse” for many celebrities, from Andy’s pop artworks to Dan Brown’s best-selling novel – The Da Vinci Code.

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