Oil painting portrait tutorial most detailed and simple for you

It can be said that oil painting is a unique art form. With many brilliant achievements, world-famous works have marked the career of many famous painters. In fact, this is a quite popular line of paintings because anyone can draw.

Even if you are not a true artist, with oil painting tutorials you will have meaningful works for yourself. And below, we will give it to you oil painting portrait tutorial.

Understanding oil painting portrait will make it easier for you to learn how to draw

Regardless of what we do, when we have an overview of it, there will be methods and ways to proceed more easily. In order to understand the sharing and instructions of oil painting, which we will discuss later, you should first carefully study the outstanding features of the oil painting line.

Learn general about oil painting

Oil painting is a type of painting called after the color material. It is made up of pigments and oils mixed together, providing a material with bright colors and adhesion as well as high resistance to moisture, water, mold resistance. Through the history of oil painting, we can realize that the painting plane is very diverse. But today, most oil paintings are painted on canvas – a thick, durable, durable fabric.

Basic steps for oil painting portrait tutorial

Before sketching, the artist will apply a layer of oil (usually linseed oil) to create a background for the lines to stand out, more vivid colors. Typically, an oil painting has a lifespan of up to 25-30 years. But if we have good preservation techniques, we can keep those masterpieces forever. Therefore, oil paintings today are many people choose to decorate their space. Even so, the love to the point of taking an oil painting portrait tutorial course immediately.

oil painting portrait tutorial basic
oil painting portrait tutorial basic

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What needs to be prepared for a beautiful oil painting

After thoroughly understanding the oil painting, you need to note on the paper the requirements necessary to be able to complete a picture. Regardless of who you receive the instructions from, or by yourself, the following notes are essential:

Prepare content to draw. Normally for beginners should have an original can be photos, paintings … to easily visualize and draw.

Prepare canvas fabric according to the size of the painting you are about to avoid wasting. Currently, imported canvas fabric from Korea has the excellent quality, suitable for all topics of oil painting, especially those who are new to painting will be easier to use.

Choose the type of oil paint to paint. Georgian oil paints of the UK currently have the highest quality, beautiful and smooth paint colors that give you a sense of perfection right from the first paint strokes.

In addition, you also need to prepare the whole drawing frame, brushes carefully so that when deployed, there will be no interruption in emotions.

If you hand-painted a picture according to oil painting instructions, it will be a very meaningful gift. With the oil painting portrait tutorial above, surely you will soon get a painting like that.

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