Recipes oil painting portrait techniques pdf for you

Oil painting portrait is certainly not new to many of us. Therefore, technology is always sought by many people. Therefore, with the article below, we will introduce to you some recipes oil painting portrait techniques pdf

Support for oil painting portrait

Oil painting portrait can be painted on almost any material such as burlap, wood, paper, plastic, as long as the material does not contain a higher fat content than the oil contained in the paint used to paint. However, when choosing support to draw, it should be noted that support may deform over time.

Although the oil paint is quite firm and has some elasticity after drying, if the support surface is deformed much, it will damage the paint layer on top. The fewer distortions Support, the higher the maintenance value. A beautiful new picture that has been decayed for a few decades, faded, peeled off, cracked, crumpled is sad. Good wood, canvas on cardboard, plywood to paint are good supports.

Therefore, we will bring you some recipes for oil painting portrait techniques pdf. And not only that have support, but also we present to you primer of oil painting portrait

Oil painting portrait techniques pdf with support
Oil painting portrait techniques pdf with support

Primer of oil painting portrait

As mentioned above, oil painting portrait techniques pdf have not only support or brush, they have a primer.

What is the oil painting portrait primer?

First, please do not mix anti-oil paint with primer. We will talk more about this when we talk about how to draw. All supports made of natural materials such as wood, organic fibers … need anti-oil paint before painting oil. Anti-oil paint is, of course, a glue-like water-based paint that covers the face. The popular anti-oil paint is called Gesso.

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An interesting benefit of anti-oil painting

– Do not let the oil penetrate into the fiber, organic fibers, because soon, oil absorbent father will rot.

– Fill the tiny holes of the support and thus the oil and other paint additives will not be sucked too much, thus reducing the use and properties of paint. Stretched canvas on canvas and oil-resistant paints are available at art supply stores for artists. Canvas for sale of all sizes.

Brush to draw oil painting portrait
Brush to draw oil painting portrait

In conclusion, we showed you some drawing oil painting portrait methods. We hope that oil painting portrait techniques pdf will help you in the process of artistic creation

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