Oil painting: The differences from the rest

Painting is a work of art that reflects reality with paint strokes and colors. There are many types of paintings such as oil paintings, lacquer paintings, jigsaw pictures, bronze carvings, spray paint paintings, etc. Each type of painting has its own unique features. What does it oil painting have to make a difference from the rest?

Oil painting: A place to store timeless art

Oil painting: A place to store timeless art
Oil painting: A place to store timeless art

Different from the types of prints that are on display nowadays, oil paintings stand out by hand-painted art of the artist.  Oil painting is made of acrylic color on canvas, so it has a long-lasting characteristic, ensuring the picture can be stored for decades without being damaged or degraded.  It can be said that oil painting is really a place to store timeless art.

Why say oil paintings are different from the rest?

A few hundred years ago, oil paintings quickly asserted their position and were favored by many painters in the world.  Oil paintings stand out by the vivid colors, though crude paint strokes but overall extremely soft full of art.  A special feature of oil paintings that most other paintings do not have is that oil painting must be done manually and the life of an oil painting is often very long.  This is also the reason why the paintings are handed down and preserved perfectly until now mainly oil paintings.  Many people think that because this painting line requires 100% manual painting, the price is much more expensive than printed pictures, but it is not so.  The price of oil paintings is usually not much higher than that of printed paintings, on the other hand, its life expectancy is much higher than that of printed pictures because prints printed with color ink on paper materials are very easy to fade and the item if left  or leave it in a sunny place.

Oil painting create a unique level

Unlike the pictures printed hundreds and thousands of times and always printed in the pattern, the images on the internet, at first sight, can see vivid colors and quite beautiful.  However, just paying close attention to it, we can see that most of the printed paintings have no artistic emphasis and can be seen anywhere, oil paintings are different.  It can be seen that, although the same idea, the same artist, it only needs to be in different times, different postures, the output is different.  Therefore, usually oil paintings often never encounter cases of complete duplication, even when copying.

Hanging oil painting in your home, you can be confident that your home painting is unique, unlike any other picture.

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