The secret of oil conservation painting effectively

Oil painting is known as one of the oldest paintings in all kinds of paintings. Many paintings are also up to several decades or even hundreds of years. However, many people do not know that apart from the canvas material and good paint color, oil conservation painting also helps oil paintings to be sustainable over time.

Factors affecting the durability of oil conservation painting

1. The ideal temperature for an oil painting is between 21 ~ 24 degrees Celsius

Avoid putting painting in very hot or cold places or letting sunlight shines directly on a painting. It can cause it to become wet or crack due to excessive drying.

2. The ideal moisture to preserve oil painting is 40% – 60%

       Moisture is the enemy of oil paintings, which make the picture moldy. It also causes the appearance of smudges, dark spots on the surface of the paintings. Placing the painting in a cool and dry place to oil conservation painting.

3. The solution used for cleaning

      When cleaning oil paintings, you must be taken to use specialized solutions to clean the paintings. We should absolutely avoid the use of non-originating solutions that affect the painting.

4. Location of painting

 Avoid scratching your oil paintings, place them in locations where there is no sharp object, or a flat place to

Notes when oil conservation painting

The secret of oil conservation painting effectively 1
The secret to preserving oil paintings
  • We should cover the surface of the painting with a glossy paint after the painting is dry. This way will avoid moisture from the outside. In addition, sometimes you need to use oil-resistant varnish to oil conservation painting, avoid moisture for paintings.
  • When using oil paintings, we should find a cool place, not affected by the factors of temperature, strong light. You do not hang pictures on damp walls. At the same time, you need to regularly clean the picture to check the back of the picture, promptly detect and handle the moisture or problems on that picture.
  • When cleaning oil paintings, you should use a soft brush, a spray bottle to sweep and a soft and damp cloth to clean the picture. Absolutely you do not use hard brushes because it will damage the picture, scratches. Beside, using onions to clean the picture will make the picture brighter.

Oil painting is one of the most durable paintings used for decoration. However, the durability of oil paintings can only be obtained without being affected by the weather. So when using oil paintings, users must know how to oil conservation painting.

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