Top 3 the most expensive nude oil paintings in the world

Nude oil painting is about the beauty of women. Which are used by many people to display and decorate their bedrooms? Here are the top 4 most expensive nude paintings in the world

 The hidden beauty of nude paintings

The nude painting, praising the natural beauty of women. It is still expressed and experienced by most painters. With modernity and sophistication today, the bodies of women are beautiful, an art that many people pursue. However, many people criticize this line of nude art. The boundary between custom and art is also a matter of debate. When it comes to the world’s most beautiful nude paintings, it’s impossible not to mention paintings of the Renaissance. At this time, genius artists gave completely new perspectives on human aesthetic standards.

Top 3 the most famous nude oil paintings in the art world

Nude in a Black Armchair ($ 45.1 million dollars)

 Nude in a Black Armchair
Nude in a Black Armchair

The “Nude in a Black Armchair” is drawn by Pablo Picasso, worth $ 45.1 million dollars. Drawing in 1932, Nude in a Black Armchair is a colorful picture with sexy curves. The small tree in the picture represents the vitality of life. This also works during the period when he was deeply in love with the actress Marie-Therese. Since 1999, this painting is still the most expensive nude painting in the world.

Study of Nude with Figure in a Mirror ($ 39.7 million dollars)

 Study of Nude with Figure in a Mirror
Study of Nude with Figure in a Mirror

The author of this expensive picture is Francis Bacon. After Francis’ death in 1992, this painting has a price of only $ 1 million dollars. But in the following years, the value of works that followed contemporary art trends suddenly skyrocketed. Causing Bacon’s work to be highly sought after in the market and Study of Nude with Figure in a Mirror. It immediately reached the top of the most expensive paintings of all time. This painting depicts a woman sitting on a sofa. The man who reflects in the mirror is said to be the author himself.

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping
Benefits Supervisor Sleeping

The “Benefits Supervisor Sleeping” was painted by Lucien Freud, worth $ 33.6 million dollars. Drawing in 1995, the painting is the pinnacle of Lucien’s painting career. It depicts an image of a woman sleeping on a sofa. This work is by far the most expensive work of an artist … alive

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The most expensive nude oil paintings are not accidental but there are reasons behind them. That is the highest artistic value that the author has put in it

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