The most famous oil paintings types for home decoration

Despite the various types of artworks that viewers have seen in museums and art galleries across the world, the most famous oil paintings are always used in home decoration. Oil paintings have a different theme, color, sizes and styles. Let’s take a look at some popular styles as below. The have resonated in the minds of art lovers at all ages and cultures for many centuries to come.

The most famous oil paintings can be applied for home decoration

Classic style – The most popular oil paintings of all times

For traditional spaces, a classic touch is always the best choice. Hanging a classic picture in the front of your living room will make your house become much more glamourous and luxurious. Especially, if it harmonize with the interior, you can create a completely classical unity and convey the very delicate art inside your room. The colors are usually black, white or warm tones to bring the space lukewarm, more classic and nostalgic.

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Modern oil paintings

In contrast with classic style, another most famous oil paintings often used in families is the modern style with simple colors. With a modern and natural light interior design, a modern artwork can make your room more spacious and airy. More especially, the price of a canvas of this style is very reasonable.

A journey day to the sea by Andrew

To harmonize with the space, the most important thing to note is to choose pictures with suitable colors, shapes and sizes. About the colors, art connoisseurs have identified it should be bright, neither too showy nor so heavy. Moreover, the size of the pictures should be medium size. If it is too large, the space to be smaller and if too small, the room becomes unbalanced. The most famous oil paintings are in the temporary style with many panels or large single one.

Stylish abstract oil paintings

Besides the two above styles, you are also able the take abstract oil painting into account. These types of painting always bring your home sweet home become more vibrant and outstanding than ever. However, abstract paintings require viewers with high artistic knowledge and imagination. Artworks are hard to understand, so this abstract style oil painting is quite picky. Therefore, people who interests in abstract paintings are those who have delicate eyes and carry a great love for art.

Abstract picture with imposing colour
Abstract picture with imposing colour

The most popular oil canvas in the world is in abstract style. They have bright colors, especially with canvas material, giveing the painting durability and true color. In addition to the living room, you can also hang this picture in the office room or hallway, the space with lots of space. The painting will make your home more impressive and classy.

Dark abstract canvas
Abstract art is the best choice for a room demanding a colorful, oversize piece

Art-lovers now have many opportunities of choosing the items to decorate their home but do hope the list above provides a glimpse of our previous executions and help you discover the most famous oil paintings of the world.

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