Do you know the ways how to hang art easily and quickly?

How to hang art is a common question of many homeowners when they want to paintings to decorate the space. Here are tips for you on how to hang art quickly and easily.

The importance of hanging art

How to hang art

Hanging painting is a way to decorate and express personality through your home space. However, there are many places where you want to hang painting but can’t use nails, maybe because you don’t want to leave large holes. Hanging pictures to fix the picture so that it does not fall is an important issue. That’s how you protect your painting and protect the walls of your home. That’s why you need to know how to hang painting without nails, you can use pins, adhesive products, and many other smart methods. There are also many methods to choose from and you can choose the best way for you, depending on what you have and the actual situation.

Three ways to hang art easily

Use painting stickers

The painting sticker needs a flat surface to hold it firmly, so wipe off the picture and the wall where you plan to hang it. For each set of stickers, you press their sides together. Working with each set, you remove the protective paper and stick your face to the back of the picture. Then, you have to hold pressure for 30 seconds and slowly separate the painting patches from the stickers on the wall. Finally, let’s press your finger against the wall stickers for 30 seconds.

Use nails or hooks

Just like picture stickers, nails and hooks need a clean surface, so wipe down the wall with an alcohol cloth. The back of the nail and hook have adhesive to attach to the wall, and you can hang the painting in there thanks to the hanging unit that comes installed on the picture. Depending on the hanging part available on the picture, you must purchase the appropriate type of wall-hanging device. Firstly, remove the protective paper from the surface of the sticker behind the hook or nail. At the position, you want to hang the painting, squeeze the hook or nail into the wall for 30 seconds. Finally, hang the picture, as usual, using the hooks provided.

Hook the picture up

Look for hooks, screws, vents, or protrusions that are already on the wall that can add a few pounds to it. This method is best suited for lightweight pictures without frames. In addition, to distribute the weight and the number of pictures evenly on the string, you have to place the first picture in the center of the wire using a tape measure or eye alignment. Finally, you only need to divide the blank space into half and hang the painting in the middle until all the pictures are hung.

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The above are useful tips for you on how to hang art as quickly as possible. I hope you will own the paintings to beautify your space.

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