Top 3 the most famous portraits because of the mystery

The most famous portraits in the world probably became the most mentioned and concerned issue in the world of painting. These portraits, under the talented hands of famous artists. They still become the masterpieces of mankind.

These unique remarks and special charm of the portraits

Portrait oil painting is one of the favorite painting trends from past to present. Since ancient times, aristocrats have always owned their own portraits in oil painting, which can be one person or one family. Portraits are no stranger to art and people. Each picture is a true depiction of the image of a person in life. In addition, it can be a celebrity, a relative or an image under the creativity of art. But portraits don’t just copy their looks, but also calculated to show the main character with a special appearance. Many portrait painters are very successful because they create paintings that know the models.

Top 3 the most famous portraits in the world because of the mystery

Mona Lisa

The portrait: Mona Lisa
The portrait: Mona Lisa

The portrait mentioned first is certainly the portrait of Mona Lisa of Leonardo Da Vinci. The Mona Lisa is 500 years old and now almost the whole world automatically considers it the best picture. Leonardo Da Vinci made a work that was completely different from his other works. Many confusing details in this picture so far have not had a satisfactory answer.

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Girl with a Pearl Earring

The portrait- Young women wear pearl earrings
The portrait- Young women wear pearl earrings

This is the masterpiece by the artist Johannes Vermeer. “Young women wear pearl earrings”, his most famous work, depicts a European girl wearing a strange dress, an oriental turban and a large pearl earring. Not much is known about the life of Jan Vermeer and nothing is known about the model girl who appears in the picture. However, the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” is one of the most famous portraits ever created and it is often called the Mona Lisa of the North. Indeed, the mystery surrounding the painting adds to its popularity.

Arnolfini Portrait

 Portrait of Arnolfini
Portrait of Arnolfini

This portrait is a famous one of Jan van Eyck. He was a Flemish artist (the Netherlands – Belgium), one of the most important painters of the first Renaissance. “Portrait of Arnolfini”, his most famous work, is a double-body portrait, most likely he painted Italian businessman Jac di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife. The painting is also known as “Arnolfini’s Wedding”.  Arnolfini’s portrait is considered one of the most original and complex paintings in Western art. It is especially popular with the public because of its beauty, complex symbolism and the precise application of drawing techniques in convex mirrors. It is also because of the mysterious features that became famous all over the world.

In conclusion, the mysteries make the difference for masterpieces, which makes them the most famous portraits in the world. They also have brought great values to world painting.

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