Famous oil pastel paintings: Advantages and Disadvantages

Thanks to the ability to gratify in lots of ways, people find numerous reasons to make famous oil pastel paintings. With pastels, painters can achieve a wonderfully luscious, silk-like texture. However, is it all about pastel? This article will tell you everything you should look at before purchasing one.

"Girl by the roses" painting by Andrew Tischler
“Girl by the roses” painting by Andrew Tischler

Features constituting famous oil pastel paintings – Advantages

It’s on the table that oil pastel has many advantages that help the artist shine all their talents and skills in the artwork. Here we will discover all those features.

Powerful blending abilities

Oil pastels are favorite materials used by nearly all painters. They can showcase intensive and smooth color stroke quality with lusterless to matte or satin finish.  These types of paintings can be blended easily and are easy to blend and have a splendid brightness. Painters love oil pastels also because they can use them without any tools. Instead of palettes, they can blend directly on paper.

Happy couple paintings
A painting of a happy couple


This type of medium is actually a version of crayons, which sticks to nearly all surfaces of famous oil pastel paintings. They are water-resistant and free of heavy metals. Users can swipe and the color remains the same permanently.

The downside of oil pastels

Though oil pastels can ignite your creative energy easily, they still embrace some fret characteristics. Please carefully check the list below.

Heat irresistible

As far as you’re concerned, oil pastels are one of the crayons, it is would be difficult correct. Also because of high wax content, the painting should not be subjected to higher temperatures to avoid softening.

Oil pastels can be toxic to human health

An unfavorable feature with famous oil pastel paintings is that its particles do not stick in one place. When rubbing the pastels, tiny pastel dust will drift in the air. Because of the inhalation of pastel dust, the painter needs to wear a face mask. If not, they can inhale those particles, which are toxic to people’s health.

Oil paintings for boy
Oil paintings for boy

Easy to make working place messy

Also because pastels are not easy to fix on paper, painters must be careful to handle. Pastel artists can be accidentally messily smeared by rubbing. While drawing, if not careful enough, the painter can get a mess on fingers, hands, clothes and working areas. And to lengthen the longevity, the paintings should be protected with secure frame glass.

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To make famous oil pastel paintings, there are many things the painter should consider deciding using pastel or not. Same to buyers, they need to acknowledge all the important points.  Those artworks can have very amazing beauty but buyers need to know about ways to store those items safely.

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