Famous oil pastel artists’ presence throughout history

There is currently a new trend in using oil pastels. They have many advanced developments that help painters use easily and carry conveniently. For this reason, they are often used for sketching and comes into being. If you are a newbie in the art world, please spend some time to know about the most famous oil pastel artists throughout history.

Nature Drawing Using Oil Pastel
Nature Drawing Using Oil Pastel

Who are the first famous oil pastel artists?

In 1925, Sakura is the very first famous oil pastel artist and she created Cray-Pas. The reason for the name is that oil pastels are in the middle of crayons with no dust and traditional soft pastels with splendid saturated colors.

After that, the type of material is developed into the Panda oil pastel by Talens of Holland in 1930. But the medium just took off when Picasso and painter Henri Goetz came up with the idea of making something new with traditional artists pigments. The idea is brought into the attention of Henri Sennelier.

Oil Pastel Avocado Drawing
Oil Pastel Avocado Drawing

While Goetz makes an oil painting, he needs sketching equipment that can blend right on painted layers. In contrast, Picasso just wanted to set aside the brush and draw on the canvas directly.  

Sennelier finally made a palette of 48 oil pastels with subtle grays and earth tones as Picasso required. He brings out 40 sticks and Picasso takes ¾ of them. The rest are kept in Sennelier’s shop but they also soon to be sold out. He continued to produce the new medium and then gradually become the first famous oil pastel artist.  

Another legend about the origin of oil pastels

Flamenco dancer Oil Pastel painting
Flamenco dancer Oil Pastel painting

However, there is also another story that tells the different origins of oil pastels. According to that story, oil pastels are widely used in the 19th century and initiated by Edgar Degas. He is a French Impressionist painter and draughtsman. The artist considers fixative as the key feature of creating procession. After making the drawing in charcoal, he sprays fixative on the surface and then spread layers of soft pastel at the end. He did not blend the color but just keeps adding fixative and pastel. The result is a rich optical contrast of colors with different layers, other than one solid blended layer.

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Oil Pastel Painting On Paper By Pablo Picasso
Oil Pastel Painting On Paper By Pablo Picasso

Finally, though there are different rumors about the origin, it is clear that oil pastels become really popular. A large number of famous oil pastel artists can be named are Degas’ pupil Mary Cassat (1844-1926), James McNeil Whisler (1834-1903), Odilon Redon (1840-1916) Pablo Picasso. In the twentieth century, artists can be listed here is RB Kitaj, Daniel Greene and Wolf Kahn.

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