Instructions on how to draw easy oil paintings for beginners

Easy oil paintings for beginners is a kind of painting that everyone cannot begin to draw without knowing anything. To draw it, in addition to the steps, you must also follow the principles when painting oil paintings. Let’s learn about easy oil painting together.

Basic preparations of drawing oil paintings for beginners

 oil paintings for beginners
Oil paintings for beginners
  1. Before you paint easy oil paintings for beginners, you must get the oil color. A collection of basic colors of oil paints should include 7 basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, orange, indigo, purple. You can combine all colors to create any new color on the color wheel.
  2. You do not need to choose too many brushes to draw, but there must have a few of each. In his collection, the drawer should have brushes with different round or flat shapes with soft and smooth material.
  3. Knives and palettes are indispensable tools for you to mix colors to create new colors. You can use linseed or pine oil to mix the colors. Don’t forget an easel and a storage box for tools when drawing.
  4. Understand the basic techniques for drawing an oil painting
  5. Mix colors on the palette: Before drawing, you need to mix colors to create the color you need for your picture. Although oil paint takes a long time to dry, you should not mix too much and apart from each other to avoid wasting.
  6. Ideas for the picture: You can choose any type of paintings that you like, such as landscapes, portraits or abstract paintings. With this type of painting, you should choose simple details. 

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Steps to draw an easy oil painting for beginners

Steps to draw an easy oil painting for beginners
A picture of an artist drawing an oil painting
  1. Find the light source direction for the picture: to create a beautiful and realistic easy oil painting, you must follow many steps sequentially. Before painting, you have to find the light source of the picture like the sunrise and sunset in the West. Identify dark and light contours. Looking at the subject you need to draw, you can determine the direction of the light and the shadow of a picture to paint.
  2.  Draw a sketch: Use a pencil or any kind of pen with sharp points to outline the position of the subject, the direction of the light and the dark. Calculate and divide distances between objects, the overall father of the picture reasonably
  3. Tinting paint: mixing oil color is difficult for beginners. You want to paint a clear blue sky, you mix the blue paint but it is very difficult to match the blue of the actual sky that will be lighter or darker.
  4. Completing the drawing: After drawing, you have to wait for the picture to dry. This step may take weeks or months. After the paint is completely dry, you can add a layer of varnish to protect.

Perseverance and knowledge are important factors in drawing easy oil paintings for beginners. Moreover, let’s put thought and emotion in it so that the picture has a special charm.

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