Five basic techniques of drawing easy oil painting

Oil painting is a kind of paintings that many people buy for decorating in their home or workplace because of its good quality, vivid colors and soft brushstrokes. Moreover, the simple way of drawing easy oil painting is not as difficult as you think if you understand the rules of an oil painting.

Materials and elements for drawing an easy oil painting

1. A good surface

The most common materials used in an easy oil work are canvas, linen and wood. You need to cover the material with a layer of material to support and make the ground to avoid the acids in the paint directly contact, thereby increasing the life and quality of color.

2. Comfortable support

A small shelf is very important to keep the painting from moving. You can buy a removable metal stand that can be used when sitting or standing.

3. Set of good quality paint colors and a large palette

A basic color scheme will help you recreate most shades from cool to warm in the subject of the picture. You also need a palette to contain and tint the colors.

4. Many different brushes

A particularly important tool is a brush. Using soft brushes of different sizes, both from natural fur or synthetic resin can help you easily complete the picture more detailed.

An easy oil painting and basic techniques of drawing

An easy oil painting of the flower
An easy oil painting of the flower

To be able to draw a good picture, the artist is required to have the knowledge as well as the necessary understanding of material and drawing. You can draw dark colors first, light later and remember to wait for the previous layer of paint to surface before painting the next layer.

An important note is that you should not overlap thick layers of color while the paint is still wet. When the overlapping color layers are too thick, let’s use a scraper to trim the colors.

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Linseed oil will be an indispensable ingredient for mixing the color together. An easy oil painting does not require you to be too picky in the lines, and you just need to create a work with these simple details.

The artist should remember not to mix too many colors on the Palette and not blend colors directly on the painting surface. An easy oil work (dry) can be covered with varnish to create a protective layer.

Creating an easy oil painting is not easy but it is not too difficult if you equip yourself with basic painting knowledge. The thoughts and feelings that you send into the picture will be spread on the people around them.

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