Don’t draw easy oil painting on canvas if you don’t know these things

Easy oil painting on canvas is one of the most favorite kind of painting. This kind of painting is a trend of the whole art world, becoming the passion of the souls who love painting and contribute to the highlight of every house and workplace.

The hidden beauties of easy oil painting on canvas

An easy oil painting on canvas about sunset
An easy oil painting on canvas about sunset

Easy oil paintings on canvas are paintings that are always appreciated for quality. For canvas, oil painting needs to be persistent because of an oil painting. The color will also be closer to the original color and make the paintings more realistic. The best canvas can also make the painting more durable against the harsh effects of the weather. This kind of painting not only can be cleaned with water but also can limit the harmful agents. Therefore you can have a picture that is both beautiful and durable over time.

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The essential factors for an easy oil painting on canvas

High angle view of paintbrushes mixing paint on a palette
High angle view of paintbrushes mixing paint on a palette

Everyone knows that to complete a picture is a difficult process. From choosing a painting color, choosing a painting size to choose a canvas, it is not easy. Therefore, each painting was created, not only has artistic value but also the enthusiasm of the artists.

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Understanding of color

Before studying oil painting techniques, you need to know about oil paints. The most basic set of oil paints should include the following colors: cadmium yellow, orchid yellow, cadmium red alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, titanium white and mars black. You can combine these colors to create any color in the color circle.

A few good paintbrushes

Firstly, you have to choose a few basic paintbrushes made of good material. Besides, You will also need an oil painting knife to mix colors, a paint palette, canvas frames or stretched canvas.

Outline and layout

Use a pencil to outline the subject you want to draw. You can sketch directly on canvas or draw on paper and use carbon paper to convert drawings to the canvas. When drawing subjects, you should note the composition and use of negative space.

Draw a simple oil painting first

There are many ways to make a picture-perfect but learning all of it when you are new to oil painting will be too much for you. Instead, you should focus on learning just a few techniques at a time like tinning.


It takes about 3 months or longer for the oil to completely dry. You have to place your painting where it is not affected or damaged, and allow it to air dry for as long as necessary. When the paint is completely dry, you will add a glossy layer to protect and retain the paint.

Each step of the drawing an easy oil painting on canvas process needs to be done with a very meticulous, serious mind to create good quality decorative works. The important thing is that you also need to put in your mind and emotions so that the picture has special features.

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