Simple tips for easy acrylic paintings all beginners should know

Acrylic is the most favorite and popular medium to use in the art industry. If you have been ready to try but still need some few pointers, so here is the simplest but effective tip for easy acrylic paintings to keep in mind.

An acrylic painting of happy family on the meadow
An acrylic painting of a happy family on the meadow

Easy acrylic paintings don’t need much money

Firstly, buy professional-grade paint which you can afford. Don’t choose craft paint. Because it is not easy to blend and doesn’t provide good coverage. In case you have no resort than using the cheap craft paints, just add little by little to make them more opaque. Please note that budget paints have less pigment and so more transparent. And you might consider using darker paints and multiple layers to get the tone you love.

Custom acrylic friend portraits
Custom acrylic friend portraits

For the best blending, even with easy acrylic paintings, one thing you should not miss is the palette knife. This tool doesn’t cost too much and is easy for you for mixing and painting. To save much more, instead of buying a new knife, you just need a plastic knife, or old credit card.

Sometimes less is more

As beginners, you should you simple colors to try such as red, blue, yellow, black and white.  When getting better with blending, you can mix other colors then find the best tone. Gradually, you will find the most favorite color and continue to buy.

A companion dog
A companion dog

Next, one of the mistakes of beginners with easy acrylic paintings is that they always work in small parts first. It will be much better to start with large areas first then smaller details. This will save more paint and it is easier to add fine detail on top of the background areas.

Remember to make notes

Finally, to save more time, you can make notes for future reference. Write down the way you create colors, what composition you liked, where you got your reference photo or something you learned or observed while you painted. You can refer back to these notes in future painting sessions.

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In conclusion, for a good start, please check out the above simple tips for easy acrylic paintings. They are extremely useful in your painting. Each of us has our own ability of creation and hope you can continue to develop further.

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