Top 3 useful techniques for easy acrylic painting ideas

The possibilities for easy acrylic painting ideas are always within the reach of even a non-gifted person. Below are many different simple techniques that offer surprising effects. Let check it out and create your own interesting backgrounds. The artworks can be useful in your journal pages or for decorating purposes.

#1 Scraped backgrounds easy acrylic painting ideas

To make a variety of background pages, there is nothing easier than scraped backgrounds. You can make it by using acrylic paint. It’s really funny and you can let your creativity flow wildly! Let see the below example of this technique, which is used on canvas.

The scraped background is one of the easiest techniques

As regards the process, firstly you need a big flat object (old credit cards are also good). Next, simply add some paint and distribute it around the credit card. Keep spreading the large sections of orange, blue, and yellow on canvas over some scribbles.

You can use this technique to create straight bars in your pages. Don’t limit the directions when you crape. Moving up & down, side to side or even mix different colors for different blending effects. This technique really works for covering large areas of the canvas.

#2 Acrylic splatters & sprays

The second technique you can try is splattering and sprayings. You can experiment with this watering down the acrylic paint and spaying it on the bottle. The easy acrylic painting ideas look messy but really funny at the same time. Try to make the paint to be watered down enough and not clog up the spray bottle nozzle. A different way is mixing water into the paint. After diluting it, you can splatter by brush for a similar effect.

Splatter and sprays technique

#3 Alcohol marbling

The last easy technique even a professional artist always do is alcohol marbling. To do this, you just need to mix water, rubbing alcohol and acrylic paint together.  After that, on a piece of paper, pour two contrasting acrylic paint next to each other. Without stirring the paints, add much water as much as possible and then slightly pour rubbing alcohol. With the tip of the brush, you swirl it around. With the easy acrylic painting ideas, Many different marbled patterns appear.

Alcohol Marbling Acrylic painting

Simply put, these techniques for easy acrylic painting ideas are really straightforward. People with no expertise follow. One thing to admit is that all three techniques can be quite messy for newbies. However, there are no boundaries in art so just try and enjoy everything that you make.

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