Get to know the artist: Creating Andrew Tischler Portrait in words

Can’t draw because you’re not an artist? That’s not a matter because you are still able to make an Andrew Tischler Portrait “in words”. This article will tell you everything you should know about the most talented painter in Australian, Andrew Tischler.

King George Fall
King George Fall

First dash of Andrew Tischler: Talented & entrepreneur painter

Andrew Tischler is an Australian Artist who enjoys a thriving art career in his chosen field of realism painting. From a young age Andrew excited the Western Australian art scene with incredulous talent, and over the past 10 years has infiltrated into the East Coast where he now resides, and also the United States where he was born. Andrew Tischler Portrait has also touched a great number of budding artist’s hearts during his art workshops and art tours.

Classical painter and YouTube art tutor
Classical painter and YouTube art tutor

Traveling for inspiration

The genius painter made the Western Australian art scene paid attention to him because of his incredulous talent. Being a young artist, he strove his art career in the field of realism painting including Andrew Tischler Portrait. He traveled to the rough Kimberly, Pilbara, Murray River Region or the intriguing landscapes of Great Ocean Rd, Flinders Ranges and the USA. While traveling, he kept in mind the mission to capture all the beauty of those incredible places and thriving them in his handmade pieces of work.

The message sending to viewers

Girl standing by roses is one of the most famous Andrew Tischler portrait
Girl standing by roses is one of the most famous Andrew Tischler portraits

Andrew Tischler advised he doesn’t try to over direct his fans by art. He sincerely doesn’t mean to send any message and just tried to keep everything simple. That’s because he doesn’t think art should say anything. It’s merely a beautiful mountain that the one he saw in nature and just like to paint it. The meaning derived from his painting is the meaning of coming up in the viewers’ minds. He loves seeing the different reactions of people to his works. The core thing s that: Don’t just or correct anything, just leave these as individual “happenings”.

Southern Spectre Painting
Southern Spectre Painting

Here is the whole “Andrew Tischler Portrait” a normal people can “draw” in words to describe the young and very talented famous paintings artist. I hope readers can have a clear and lively image of a famous artist.

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