Acrylic paint vs Oil paint: Which one to choose from?

Have you visited any exhibitions of acrylic paint and oil paintings? Now sure you have excited to create yourself a piece of art. If you are still confused about which type between the two mediums, please check out the below checklist to get over the dilemma and choose the suitable one for you.

oil vs acrylic
Acrylic paint vs Oil paint which one better?

The ability to dry acrylic paint and oil paint

People always believe that acrylic paint is a great medium to start. It dries fast so no preparation setup is required. You can paint on nearly all surfaces including paper, card, canvas… etc. But also because of the quick-dry ability, you seem to be grounded in a quiet space for hours until the work finishes. So, you need to assure which is a good time to try and keep you away from all disturbances.

 A sleeping Bullmastiff Dog
A sleeping Bullmastiff Dog

Turning to oil paint, it’s glad to know that it takes a longer time to dry so you need not worry about completing the work in a short time. It brings you flexibility, start one day and then come back the next day. The only troublesome is that you need a thorough preparation for canvas before starting and wait a long time till the oil paints completely drain.

Hard lines graphic or delicate blend?

If you prefer creating graphics with hard shapes, acrylic paint will be the best choice. With this medium, you can mask out areas, cover hard shape with thick paint. Clean and bright colors appear easily. However, with the slow drying nature, oil paints can be amazing for blending. For portrait, this feature would be truly needed. That because the face requires subtle shading and continuous tweaking.

Sliding home by Bryan Drury, Artist, born in 1980 in Salt Lake City, Utah
Sliding home by Bryan Drury, Artist, born in 1980 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Is your working place small or large?

The disadvantage of oil paint is that it really smells and the turpentine sprite can be extremely strong. That is the reason why you cannot work with oil paints in confined and small spaces. In case, you have to work near children or unventilated area, acrylic paints should be perfect. It has no smell, be safe to children and clean.

Oil portrait painting of happy couple
Oil portrait painting of the happy couple

All in all, accepting there are many aspects to consider between acrylic paint and oil paints. But above are the biggest issues which can help you decide which one suits your style and conditions.

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