Acrylic paint: the first knowledge dummies needed

One of the most popular materials in the art industry is acrylic paint. This medium is family for all art-lovers. It is widely used not only in academic training but also in real life. As a newbie, please check out the article so you can set the first foot on the journey to the art world.

Acrylic painting “Raccoon family (Procyon lotor)
Raccoon family (Procyon lotor) 

Origin of Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is not as toxic as other paint colors, safe for children. That is the reason why it is so popular in school. In addition, acrylic is also painted by artists on the wall, on canvas very professionally and impressively. Though the product has been so associated with art for a long time, not all people have a full understanding of it.

Acrylic paint - Santa Clause
Santa Clause

The first acrylic colors are introduced in the Netherlands. It then has tests for quality and safety according to United States standards. This kind of colors gain high coverage, excellent adhesion and are not easy to fade. They are also qualified for all non-toxic and water-proof standards.

The best features

Unlike the oil pastels or watercolors, Acrylic paint is denser but softer. On painting, it has exact colors without rough or uneven feeling. Acrylic color is easy to paint, good adhesion and hard to fade. Most interestingly, it dries quickly, you just need to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for it to completely drained.

Acrylic paining _ Bullmastiff Dog
A sleeping Bullmastiff Dog

Quickly fly away, leaving no unpleasant odor

After painting, the paint smell will quickly fly away, leaving no unpleasant odor for you. The characteristics of colored Acrylic bring satisfaction and comfort to the user. No-fuss about the use, color drawing and light scent mild. All things bring value to customers.

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All in all, acrylic paint has the advantage of being used on many surfaces. It can pair with many surfaces such as the wall, canvas, specialized shirt or glass, porcelain cup.  With a very reasonable price, it is no wonder that everyone should try once to make your own piece of art.

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